Art from high-touch to high-tech

Art from high-touch to high-tech

We introduce you to undiscovered art talent and various distinct people from the art world. Please meet our very own Chief Marketing Officer Bob van der Helm. 

Bob van der Helm met Suit up Silverback Art Print

Money greases palms. Why did you leave the financial industry?

Working for a bank certainly has advantages: a good salary and plenty of opportunities to develop yourself. Yet my last period at the bank did not feel that comfortable anymore. The stories - about analysts and portfolio managers who were escorted outside by the security staff, still wondering by which algorithm they'd been replaced - did not help. But that did not happen to me.  After more than 10 years it just felt like a good time to try something new.


To be honest, it hasn't always been easy. Especially the first few months. I had to get used to my new life. Fortunately, I feel much better these days. It's kind of funny that many gallery owners - just like bankers used to - still believe that the impact of technological driven change in their industry will not be that significant.  They argue that the art sector is a high-touch and not a high-tech environment. With this statement they ignore a number of fundamental problems in the art sector.

Artists are often really good in design, but....

I know plenty of young, talented artists who suffer from a "discoverbility" problem. Their art works are beautiful, but they fail to reach the right audience and sell their works (at a fair price). Yes, they do know how to upload their work on the biggest gallery of this moment "Instagram". But then converting clicks and website traffic into sales is another story. For this they still relying on galleries.
And then there's this transparency problem. Both artists and collectors are looking for a way to compress those transaction costs and get that price discovery done more efficiently. Let' not get started about all the artists who're looking for a way to collect their credit note from their (bankrupt) gallery. They basically have to trust that all online sales are neatly reported and paid out eventually.

Finally, I think the sector is too focused on the traditional art collectors. Behold, a new generation has arrived: the price-conscious millennial, who no longer visits physical galleries. For them buying art has nothing to do with buying an investment object. They want something really cool that reflects their personality into their interior.

Frescofy, what's not to love?

The starting point of Frescofy - named after the Italian painting technique with the "fy" from Spotify behind it - was to find a solution to these problems. At Frescofy, we sell contemporary art prints, from undiscovered masters, at a very decent price. Without having huge budgets, we have already shown more innovation than many of the established galleries.  We focus on user experience and offer every visitor a unique and personal purchase experience. One, which far exceeds the possibilities of the traditional gallery. 

Best-of-the-class Partner Network: honest and transparant

I am very proud of our best-of-the-class partner network. Our collaboration with the most innovative e-commerce and art production platforms ensures scalability and transparency in whole of our operation.

Artists who collaborate with us just have to upload their works to "thehub". Thehub is a open, online art catalogs for online galleries (approved by thehub). Because artists can switch relatively easily between various galleries, the mutual dependency between artists and galleries is much better balanced. As a gallery, you have to provide real added value to the artist, otherwise they'll be gone.

Art is a purchase mostly born out of discovery rather than search

Conversely, it works the same way of course. Thanks to automation, theoretically we can add 100 works with one click of a button. Baes on the most popular works , categories (views) and best sellers, we can respond way faster and more accurate to actually want.

Tomorrow they'll be famous

Discovering new artists and art is fun. It gives you a certain inspiration. How cool is it that you view all of our art works in your own interior with our PlayAr App #augmentedreality. It is so easy and you don't have to worry about getting the right size or color anymore. You just bring the gallery home and view how your favorite art print goes with the rest of your interior. I therefore invite everyone to visit our online, next-gen art gallery. Who knows, you might discover the new Picasso.



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