Our promise

We'll give you the future of buying art

What do you get when you mix the best elements of both Tech and Art? An unique and personal buying experience that goes far beyond the possibilities of traditional galleries. 

Experience it yourself and check out our Augmented Reality tool now. Just select any artwork of your choice and click on 'wall preview' (more info click here). In just a couple of clicks on your Iphone you envision every art work of our collection at home on your own wall.

If you're still not completely sure about how the art work matches the rest of your interior, you can always send a photo of the result to your partner or friends.

Awesome art, affordable prices

Frescofy is for the lovers, creators and (sm)art rebels who are looking for stylish art and inspiration. Because of our partnership with Europe's number 1 print master - theprintspace - , our network of hot and upcoming artists and slightly higher edition number (limited edition up to max 250), we're able to offer you highest quality art at amazing low prices. 

Act now, tomorrow they'll be famous!

Every print is made on behalf of - and produced in collaboration with - the original artist. The revenues are evenly split between Frescofy and the artist. We aim to be the kickstarter of a whole new generation of Art Masters, who we call our 'Tomorrow Masters'.